How to Pick Hot & Cold Lottery Numbers – The Number Frequency Theory

Before you pick your lottery numbers, you must know how to select your “hot” and “cold” numbers. The hot and cold lottery numbers are based on the number frequency, which means you need to find out the frequency of the lottery winning numbers from the past drawings and results.

Winning Numbers

The concept of frequency theory might sound surprising to most of the players as they might feel that all numbers have equal chances of hitting in the drawings of lottery games. But the reports regarding this theory bear testimony to the fact that certain hot numbers have better chances of winning than certain numbers generally known as ‘cold numbers’. These cold numbers are the numbers that have had the least chances of hitting in the previous drawings.

Read on to learn how to analyze past numbers according to the ‘Frequency Number Theory’, or click here for an easy to follow system that does it for you (if you are not that good at math, you will love this!).

If you prefer to manually record the frequencies of past drawn numbers, you need to find a source that keeps track of which number was the MOST frequent (hot) and least frequent (cold) in the past. These numbers will have more chance of hitting in the future.

Here are some points that you need to remember when you analyze the past lottery winning numbers: Gather all the winning combinations within the past 30 days. Then, segregate the hot and from the cold numbers. The hot numbers are the ones that are coming out more often than average, while the cold ones are those that rarely come out in draws. You should make a new combination from the hot numbers because you have better chances here since these are more frequently coming out. You can also make combinations from cold numbers because these have high chances of coming out soon. Whichever method you prefer to use, these are both effective. You can even mix the hot and the cold numbers for lottery if you think that is lucky for you.

What is not advisable is to make a combination from neutral numbers. These numbers are neither hot or cold and have the least chances of being drawn soon.

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