Should I Play Quick Picks Or My Own Numbers?

Like most of us, you probably enjoy playing the lottery and have some small winnings here and there, but are still waiting to hit the jackpot. Or you may even be disappointed that you don’t see enough of those small winnings. At least, this is how I felt in my early years of playing the lottery each and every week. I switched back and forth from playing quick picks to using my own numbers, but I soon realized that there are better chances for me getting struck by lighting than to win the lottery.

Winning Numbers

Fact is, when it comes to picking the winning lottery numbers, it all boils down to probabilities. While lotto, after all, is a game of chance and each number has an equal chance being drawn, lottery experts like Ken Silver point out that you can improve your odds of winning by using specific number combinations instead of randomly selected quick picks.

Silver found, the best way to pick lottery numbers is to study the previous winning numbers. Once you study the frequency of each winning number, you will notice that certain numbers win more than others.

Unlike the “law of averages”, the history of the winning lottery numbers has repeatedly shown that not all numbers come out in the same amount of frequency. In fact, certain numbers are drawn more often than other numbers. These frequently drawn numbers are called the “hot numbers”. Finding the “hot numbers” and implementing them in your lottery strategy is a better strategy than to use quick picks, because you will have better chances of winning by using the “hot numbers” compared to Quick Picks.

A good way of keeping track of the hot and cold numbers is creating a frequency chart. Some lottery players create a chart which lists number groups, depending on the lottery you chose to play. So if you would play 6/49, you would create 6 groups of numbers. You would then keep track of the winning numbers over a period of time to see which number was most frequently used in each group – this is the hot number for that group. Sometimes, you may find a group where there is a tie between 2 hot numbers.

So stop guessing and stop buying Quick Picks. Give yourself an edge over others that are playing random numbers with less chances of winning and check out the most respected lottery systems worldwide with 98% accuracy.