How To Win The Scratch Off Lottery (Scratchers)

Here is an interesting comment from a lottery retailer: “As a lottery retailer, i have seen MORE winners from the scratch offs than ALL the other lottery games combined together… Why? Because the scratch offs lottery game has the BEST odds of winning, compared to all the other lotto games.”

Winning The Lottery

If you want to make sure that you win the lottery, then you want to play the scratch off game, because it not only has the most actual winners, but it also has the best odds of winning. This means, your chances of picking the right scratch off ticket are best for winning compared to all other lottery games available. However, not all scratch off tickets have the same odds of winning. Some have better odds than others and there have been two-dollar games that had better odds of winning than more expensive games like the three dollar and five dollar games. You can read how to improve your chances of winning the scratch off lottery here.

It is interesting to see why people pick a particular ticket. A lot of people don’t pick the tickets with the best odds because they don’t like the color of the game or it isn’t as attractive as some new games. Some people pick a certain ticket because it has their favorite color but they find that they continue to lose their money over and over again.

Some games have attractive titles and pretty titles. So don’t buy your ticket based on the looks, but be sure to focus on the odds of the ticket. Select the best ticket to play based on the best odds.

If you are sick and tired of losing so much in the lottery games, then why not put that same money towards the scratchers game? Just by SWITCHING the lotto game, you can drastically improve your results – instantly!

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